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Download GB WhsatsApp 7.99 & 8.0 Anti Ban Free – Gbmods

Download GBWhatsapp Latest version 7.99 & 8.00: The latest version of Gbwhstapp 7.99 Apk which update on April 2020. Also with it, GB WhatsApp Pro Antiban version 7.25, 7.35 & 7.90 update app download from this website. GbWhatsapp Pro is the best mods app of the Gbmods app. Baxjer Whatsapp Plus latest version comes with many new and cool features.

Are you a smartphone user? If it is YES. Then you have heard the GBWhatsapp Apk name. Gbwhatsapp is the latest rising mods app in the globe. This GBwhatsapp mods latest version comes with new features in every version. That’s why this Apk is the best and amazing app for Android users Telecharge.


Are you using this Apk old version? Then you can update your GBWa means GBWhatsapp with the latest version. In this post, I will provide the GBWhatsapp official download link. You can download the Gbwhatsapp 7.99 Directly from here. I also discuss How to Install GbWhatsapp latest version 7.99? so ending this post patiently.

GBwhatsApp 7.99
GBwhatsApp 7.99 & v7.90 Download Antiban

Download Gbwhatsapp latest version 7.99 & 8.0 update 2020

Gbwhatsapp authority always updates this app with many new features in v8. These new features make this Apk pretty cool and amazing. In this August, they update this Gbwhatsapp. Yah! they published the latest version GBwhatsapp 7.99. They added many coll and amazing features to this version. that makes this version unique from other versions.

Download: Gbwhatsapp 7.25

Download: Gbwhatsapp 8.10

For this reason, this Apk is searching a lot all over the world. This Apk can satisfy the users. some users search this Apk on the play store.  But they have to return empty-handed. that is a very sorrowful matter.

If you find this GBwhatsapp on the Play store. Then I say stop this searching. because this is fully time waste. You may already know that GBwhatsapp is not available on the play store. You have to download GBwhatsapp from other websites on google. You can download this Apk from my website Here I always update the post with Whatsapp download Link when its publisher updates the latest version. So you can bookmark this page or my website to get the update version first of all.

What is GBwhatsapp?

Are you a GBWhatsapp Plus user? Use GBwhatsapp old version before. you know about GBWhatsapp. Then you can skip this topic. If you want to know any more about GbWhatsapp. Then you can read this topic.

Actually, GBwhatsapp is the best alternatives to Whatsapp for chatting with anyone. This Gbwhatsapp Plus is one of the latest rising Mods apps above the world. We can use this app to contact anyone anywhere at any time. By using this app we can message, call, send videos to our dearest person. At this time this the most viral messaging app in the globe.

Are you live aboard without your family? Then you feel thirsty to see our family member’s faces. Am I right? this Gbwhatsapp Apk made this easy. We can see and talk to our family members when we want via our Android device with this Apk. So we can say that this app makes the globe as family.

GBwhatsapp latest version 7.99 & 8.0 – Update 2020

Are you a user of GBWhatsapp?? I hope your answer is Yes. Because most of the Android users use this Amazing GBWhatsApp Apk to chatting with his dearest person and family member. Then you may know that this Apk latest version comes with the new amazing features. These features make this version very comfortable to use.

Yes! this Latest version 7.99 has come with many cool and new features. These features make this version very popular. this version has many advantages to use.

Here I keep it up some advantage about this Gbwhatsapp 7.99 Latest version

Download: Gbwhatsapp 7.35

Advantages of GBwhatsapp latest version 7.99

  • The first and very important advantage is It is Anti-Ban. your Whatsapp account will not Be Banned again.
  • It allows hiding Blueticks, Last seen, online status. that is pretty cool for the young generation.
  • You can set the message scheduler to send the message to a person or a message group.
  • It allows hiding view status, other people can’t know that you view their story.
  • You can hide any kind of conversion. that is a very useful lover boy/girl to hide his dearest person conversion.
  • This version adds many new Imoji.
  • It allows sending up to 90 images at a single time.
  • You can watch any kind of media before downloading it.
  • This latest version 7.99 add the best and new theme.
  • You can set the auto-reply mode.
  • It allows sending up to 100 documents at a single time.
  • You can share your live location via GBWhatsapp 7.99 version.

Hey guys. It’s been a long time. I can’t explain anymore. If I want to explain the more advantage of GBWhatsapp 7.99. Then this post will long. That’s not good. So I stopped explaining the advantages.

If you want to know more advantages of this GBWhatsapp latest version. Then Download this latest version and enjoy it. Then you can discover many new advantages of this latest version.

Features of GBwhatsapp 7.99 (Anti-Ban)

I already say that this latest Gbwhatsapp 7.99 comes with many new features. now I want to explain this version info to you.

App Name GBWhatsapp (GBWA)
Developer GBMods
Apk Size 52.0 MB
Apk Version 7.99
Android Version Requires up to 4.0
Last updated 7 August 2019

This feature makes this Apk a very useful and amazing Apk. If you are satisfied with these features. Then you can Download GBwhatsapp latest version 7.99 and use this Apk version as your messaging App.

I recommanet you to download the latest version of GBWA for better experience.

How to Install GB WhatsApp 7.99 Latest version?

Are you feeling worried about How to Install GBWhatsapp latest version 7.99? I think your answer is positive. After downloading GbWhatsapp 7.99 latest version some users are fell worried about the Install of GB Whatsapp Pro 7.99. Now there is nothing to worry about it. Because I am here to give you the guideline to Install GBwhatsapp 7.99.

The Installation system of GBWhatsapp is pretty cool and simple. Here I will show you the Install method step by step. You can Install Gbwhatapp latest version very easily via following my steps. So follow these steps carefully.

  • First of all, you need to download this app version from the given link.

If you already download this Apk. Then you can start the Install system.

  • Now go to the folder where you download this Apk.
  • Then tap on this file and click on the Install button.

Now your android device wants permission to install this Apk from unknown sources. So you have to allow permission.

  •  Now go to your Android device>>>Settings>>>Security>> Now click the Unknown Sources and turn on it.
  • Now follow these Installation process.

At last, It will take some moments to install automatically.

  • After completing the Installation, Click it to open.
  • Now you have to give your phone number and verify it via OTP from your phone.
  • At this step, your GBWhatsapp Latest version 7.99 is almost ready to use. Now Enter your Name, upload your profile picture, and set your profile.

So have a nice journey with GBWhatsapp latest version 7.99.

How to update GBWhatsApp on Android phone?

Are you GBWhatsapp old version user?? You can not get more advantages as the GBWhatsapp latest version. Then you are worried about your GBWhatsapp old version. Then no more worry about it. You can update your GBWhatsapp on your Android phone to recover your data. Here you can know about How to Update GBWhatsapp on Android Phone? So keep reading this topic.

You have to follow these steps to update your GBWhatsapp.

Your conversation will be lost when you update your GBWhatsapp. If you want to keep the conversation then


At first, you have to create the Backup of your conversation.


Go to your Android setting Menu from the application manager to uninstall the GBWhatsapp.


Once you download the latest version then open it as Installed the version.


Click on the Installation icon and follow the installation system.


Finally, resister your phone number again and restore the chat conversations in which you make the backup.

So your GBwhatsapp is updated now. Now you can enjoy the new and amazing features. So enjoy these.

Final Words

All over the post, I have told you about GBWhatsapp latest version 7.99. this version is Anti-Ban. GB Whatsapp 7.99 Anti-ban is pretty good and awesome with its new features. I have told you about How to Install GBWhatsapp latest version 7.99 & 8? and How to update GBWhatsapp? If you face any kind of problem then ask me in the comment box. I will try to solve this problem as soon as possible.

I think this post will be helpful to you. I hope you will like the post. you can share this post with your friends and your family members.

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