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GBwhatsApp 2020: Download GBWA Apk Latest New Anti-Ban

GB WhatsApp 2020: Download New version Gbwhatsapp Apk 2020 update today. If you want to get GB WhatsApp 2020 New latest version for your android phone & PC Windows, you find the perfect place. In 2020 if you using the GB WhatsApp version of 2019 then you need to upgrade the new GBwhatsapp.

Many GBMods Users request me to write and give the download link of New version Gbwhatsapp 2020 which More Anti-Ban. For the reason, I give out the new GB WhatsApp version which releases in 2020.

Also, I will add all the versions of GB WhatsApp which update in 2020 with the Download link. You can use any version if you want

So go ahead.

What is GBwhatsApp?

There is nothing new to say What is Gbwhatsapp App. As a user of GB Whatsapp, you should know about GbMods and that’s what works.

For a new user who is using normal Whatsapp and want to use this app, I want to say to them that GB WhatsApp is a pro app of normal WhatsApp. But you don’t need to pay any cost for this app. So I can tell, GBwhatsApp is the best alternative to WhatsApp. More then 100,00,000 people use this app. So you are welcome with GBWhatsApp 2020 version.

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gbwhatsapp 2020
Download GB WhatsApp 2020: GBwhatsApp Apk Latest Update

Information about GBWhatsApp 2020 Apk

App Name GBWhatsApp
Version v8.30 (Latest)
Download 20,000,000+
APK Size 52 MB
Anti-Ban Yes
Required Android Version 4.0+
Last Updated 1 day ago

What’s New feature added in GB WhatsApp 2020?

There are many features added in GBwhatsApp 2020 when it last updated which makes it more useful and antiban for all users. The developer of GB WhatsApp trying to add new some features in the upcoming update.

Now I listed some useful features added in 2020.

  • Freeze Last Seen – the person viewing your WhatsApp account will see the last seen you have frozen.
  • Hide View Status – If you see someone WhatsApp status the person won’t know you have seen his status.
  • Hide Blue tick – Blue tick won’t appear if you view someone message
  • Hide Second Tick – No second tick after reading a message
  • Hide Blue Microphone – same as a blue tick, when someone sends you an audio message if you play the message the sender won’t see the blue microphone indication
  • Hide Typing – no one will see the typing indication in their WhatsApp when you type
  • Hide Recording – no one will see the recording indication in their WhatsApp application
  • Stay always Online – People will see you online even when you are offline
  • Pause Internet For Whatsapp Only – Stops Internet for WhatsApp only other apps on your phone won’t be effected
  • Backup Option – offline backup of all WhatsApp data
  • Password Protection – password Protection for chats and message

And Lots of Other Customization Options

Download GB WhatsApp New Version 2020

Like 2019, you will get more update version of GBwhatsapp in this year. You should use the update file all the time when an update will come. Here I give out all the version which came in 2020 and also will add which version will be coming. So you can pick up the latest version of GBwhatsApp from the below.

I recommended that you will download the latest version app which available in this list.

How to Install GbwhatsApp in 2020

In this 2020 if you want to know how to Install Gbwhatsapp Application for your device then I can say that it’s so easy like others android app. If you try it I hope you can do it. For your help, I tell here as a simple word.

  • Download New latest version GBwhatsApp
  • Open this App & click the Install button
  • Press Next Next Next………
  • After Install click the Open button
  • Give all information like Name, Phone Number etc
  • Verification your Phone Number
  • And got the home page on your device

GB WhatsApp Pro Apk All Versions (Old to New)

Did you know how many versions have of GbWhatsapp Pro Apk? I mean have you know the GbWhatsapp Old, new and the latest version of this Apk. If your answer is No. Then I can help you to know all the versions of this Apk. Here I have Picked up the full list of GBWA Apk.

If you want to download a GBwhatsapp Older Version of these. Then Click the Version name and go to Download GBwhatsApp Apk older Version page. From this page, you can download this Apk very easily.

  • V8.40
  • V8.35
  • V8.30
  • V8.26
  • V8.25
  • V8.20
  • V8.10
  • V8.05
  • V8.00
  • V7.99
  • V7.40
  • V7.35
  • V7.30
  • V7.25
  • V7.20
  • V7.10
  • V7.00
  • V6.95
  • V6.90
  • V6.85
  • V6.70
  • V6.65
  • V6.60
  • V6.50

Here you may imagine, GBMods Authority starts its GBWhatsapp Pro Apk journey with the GbWhatsapp v5.10. Day by Day, They have published the GBWhatsapp update version with many features and fix its bugs. That’s why GbWhatsapp became the most popular chatting and messaging Apk worldwide.

Features New GBWhatsapp 2020 Mods Pro

The New latest version of GBWhatsApp 2020 has a lot of great features included. The big availability options for multimedia section, Update hidden features, new theme added and customized themes, multiple-accounts manage, and many other cool features in GB WhatsApp 2020.

The maximum of these features are not available on official WhatsApp 2020. That’s why GBWA is way more spread for users. Read the post to know about all the features and new about the latest version of GBWhatsApp Pro.

#1 – MultiMedia

  • Now you can send large files of videos, audios, images in GBWA 2020
  • You can send & Share Up to 50 MB of video files
  • Any Audio files can be sent up to 100 MB Now
  • The original quality of images can be sent
  • File Fowreding Option available
  • Live Image Capture Option in Chat Bar
  • Manage or Change video player in GBWhatsApp when Video will Play
  • Now you are able to send more than 10 images at once
  • Group Chatting with 8 People once
  • Sharing video length is limited to 7 minutes within 50MB

#2 – Hidden

  • Hide double tick
  • You can Hide online status
  • Able to hide read message status
  • Hidden chat feature
  • Hide writing status option
  • Hide recording status

#3 – New Themes, Multiple-accounts and Languages

  • New GBWhatsapp themes update
  • Create and use themes can be used by other GBWA users which you liked
  • Download free amazing themes created by some users of GBWhatsApp or Customize’s Theme
  • Manage Dual/Multiple WhatsApp accounts
  • Supported various languages

#4 – Emoji, Gifs, Stickers and Launcher

  • New launcher icons added
  • You can change Emoji easily
  • You are able to change or customize notify bar icon in GBWA
  • Able to add stickers from google play store
  • Added Multi-gif providers

#5 – Auto reply, Copy status & Always On

  • Able to copy anyone’s status by just tapping on their status like Messenger
  • Always online feature or disable
  • Auto-reply of messages just like WhatsApp Business
  • Status Forward option

***More Some Cool Features***

  • Enable password (App lock)
  • Auto Backup feature
  • Message scheduling system
  • Change your last seen (Unseen)
  • Update New Amazing tick styles
  • Connectable with WhatsApp web but features won’t work

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