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Download GBwhatsApp Apk Latest Version v8.25 – (Update 2019-20)

Download GBwhatsapp 2019 June Apk new 8.25 latest Update Anti-Ban 2020 (update December) version also GBwhatsapp 6.60 download version download link. GB mods Apk update GB WhatsApp Download 2019 May. Install in Android Device to WhatsApp GB new version download from my website www.GBwhatsAppr.Com. I provide all the latest version GBwhatsApp latest version app on January 2020.

Whatsapp GB Download 2019. Now download Whatsapp latest version GBwhatsapp mods Apk. The latest version app published on 21 June 2019 by Omar. He published also GB mods called WhatsApp Plus. If you are using the old version of this app, I suggest you download the last version GBwhatsApp. See below I give a download link. And also describe how to install if you don’t know.

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Download GBwhatsApp Apk 2019
GB WhatsApp update 2019 May

We already know that GB Whatsapp is the greatest app. And I published full guidelines about GBwhatsapp app on my website. How to install GBwhatsapp in Android DeviceVersion Information, App feature and New feature which is added the last version. If you don’t know about this app. Please visit my previous post. In that post, I give out a full guide about GBwhatsapp. And also give how to install step by step with screenshots. If you

Some Feature about GB Whatsapp Apk…

App NameGB WhatsApp (Anti Ban)
App Versionv8.25
Last Update24 December 2019
App Size53 MB
Android Required Version 4.0+
Required RootNo Need
Downloads10 Millions+

Download GBwhatsapp 2019-20 App Latest 8.25

There are a lot of mods app available in the Internet world. Many people like the most popular messing application might have installed WhatsApp. Now available the most updated version of WhatsApp called GBwhatsapp. There are many new features added to the new version. The latest version of GBwhatsApp messenger app updates more new features that were missing in old others versions.

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GB WhatsApp features

Learning the new features of GB WhatsApp is crucial. Here are a few enticing features of GB WhatsApp.

Firstly, you can use both at the same time, WhatsApp and the new GB WhatsApp, simultaneously. GB WhatsApp offers a great advantage with privacy factors. The original WhatsApp has fewer privacy features. If you wish to have more privacy the new GB WhatsApp is the right option. The features offered include:

  • Hides online status
  • Hides blue both ticks
  • Hides typing status
  • Offers the feature of anti-delete
  • Lock the chat of your choice


GB WhatsApp showers a lot of shortcuts and you can enjoy saving time. There is a need for shortcuts keeping with the busy schedules and as a privacy measure. The shortcuts available now with GB WhatsApp include:

  • ‘Written Status copy’ Shortcut
  • ‘Status Saving’ shortcut
  • Increase by 7 minutes the status limit( Now with original WhatsApp it is 30 seconds)
  • Features a message scheduler with a feature of auto-reply

There are many more key features listed with and is available with the new GB WhatsApp and to name a few are:

  • Increase in upload limit to 100 megabytes
  • View status list
  • Status download button
  • Can reply automatically
  • Message translation
  • Anti-ban feature
  • Change WhatsApp themes
  • Change app font, and so on.

GB WhatsApp Download 2019 May – Update January

Latest Version GB WhatsApp Download 2019 May and Download from here. Recently GBwhatsApp new Version v7.35 updated. Before May month we got another updated version of this app. In this update, there is a more valuable feature added. Also fixed banned issues which make a big problem on this app users. Download Anti-Ban Official GBwhatsApp below link.

In this update, there is some old problem were fixed. It is

  • Anti-Ban
  • Fixed Hidden chart count issue
  • Payments color fixed
  • Fixed crash when open chat
  • And others

Actually, this update was coming to the main factor of the ban issue. I hope if you will use the latest version, you don’t fell the ban issue problem.

How to Install GBwhatsApp Apk 2020

Not so hard to install this app. It’s also the same as other Android apps. If you follow some steps below, I hope you can do install it successfully. If you need any help, please ask the question in the comment box.

Step#1: Download GBwhatsApp Apk

Step#2: Open Download file (Turn on Unknown Source)

Step#3: Click Install Button

Step#4: Open Install file & fill all requirement which needs to create an account.

Step#5: Finished & enjoy yourself.

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What is the difference of original version WhatsApp to GB WhatsApp

The new GB WhatsApp offers many extra features that are not available in the original version. The internet is full of WhatsApp modded versions, but the GB WhatsApp is the best option.

GB WhatsApp offers a galore of features, but there are limitations such as your data is not secure as in this app it is shared with third-party for advertisements. It also may be unstable at times. These are a few hurdles, but if you wish to enjoy features, download the latest v8.10 GB WhatsApp.

GB WhatsApp is an app that is safe to use on an Android device. It is not a malware or some virus to damage your Smartphone. It is a mod version that has emerged from the original version. Yet, be careful in downloading; ensure you do not use any GBWhatsApp that is fake as you will end up with a 100% ban.

GBWhatsApp features 2020

Privacy settings

GB WhatsApp features are widely appreciated and it allows hiding information of anyone on your profile activity. Using this app allows you to hide that you viewed someone else’s. You can also keep the blue ticks, second tick of showing delivered message and the status showing the message typing, everything can be hidden.

Besides, GB WhatsApp features include the ability to lock or hide chats. You can also put on the app a passcode such that it does not offer the permission to avoid anyone opening your WhatsApp.

Better WhatsApp experience

  • This app offers maximum control. GB WhatsApp has a galore of custom themes that even the app locking feature is interesting as there are custom themes available in a wide variety. You may change the action icon or the color of the icon app and the same applies to the notification app.
  • Referring to the control factor, you can stay online all the 24 hours, just be cautious of your battery that may give up fast.
  • Additionally, you may have own custom theme created instead of the preset ones. In case you like to share with others you may submit to GB WhatsApp. The app will get the themes to list updated and you can see it.
  • The GB WhatsApp features offer a distinct experience as it allows copying the status of other people to your clipboard, while it does not copy the name and date as it is copying multiple messages.
  • You receive an alert in case your friend has left online or has done changes to his profile picture. It may appear to be creepy, but this helps as you need not check constantly if your friend is online or not to have a conversation.


I say again If you use an old version of GBwhatsapp. You should install the latest version to get the more new feature. In the Download link can’t work at this moment please leave a comment. I will try to solve it. If you have any questions about this app. Please ask your question on the Main Page of GB WhatsApp.

I always keep updating this page and all the information about GBwhatsapp 6.60 download. Download Gb WhatsApp v8.10 last version v7.35 and Update 2019 June and enjoy yourself. GB WhatsApp Download 2019 May is the latest version that updated August (Anti-Ban).

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    • Please follow my steps. At first, you need uninstall the old version from your phone. Then you need to download the latest version and install it with the same number which uses before in GBwhatsApp.

  7. sir india me band kr diya gya he kiya gb wtsp chalte chalte band hogya ye bht acha he humare liye kyu band krdiya😢😢

    • Please follow my steps. At first, you need uninstall the old version from your phone. Then you need to download the latest version and install it with the same number which uses before in GBwhatsApp.

    • Please follow my steps and do the same process. At first, you need uninstall the old version from your phone. Then you need to download the latest version and install it with the same number which uses before in GBwhatsApp.

    • Please follow my steps. At first, you need uninstall the old version from your phone. Then you need to download the latest version and install it with the same number which uses before in GBwhatsApp.

    • Please follow my steps. At first, you need uninstall the old version from your phone. Then you need to download the latest version and install it with the same number which uses before in GBwhatsApp.

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